De passagem pelo Cais do Sodré

6th January – 5th March 2015

Atelier 29
Travessa do Corpo Santo 29, 1º, Lisbon

Ocupart  presents the  exhibition 3×3=9  in Atelier 29, a  bar/cultural association  located in Cais do Sodré.


The  exhibition  was created  after a challenge  that proposed by Ocupart  to the general public. People  were asked to send three photographs  regarding the theme “De passage pelo Cais  do Sodré” and to ask three friends to do the  same. The idea was to generate word of mouth so  as to be able to fill the 9 walls of Atelier 29,  though this exhibition of solidary photography.


The  audience  could buy  the photographs  for only 3 euros  and the total revenue  generated was donated to  Banco do Bebé – an Association  that helps newborn babies.