Ângela Dias

Céu Limpo

Opening: Tuesday, June 29 | 3 pm to 8 pm
Exhibition:  June 30  to  July 21,  2021 | Monday to Saturday, 2:30 pm – 7 pm

Galeria Sá da Costa

Rua Serpa Pinto, 19,  1200-443, Lisbon

The exhibition “Céu Limpo”, by the artist Ângela Dias shows us a set of drawings in charcoal, watercolor, and gouache on paper.

“When I’m anywhere, I stain the silence of heaven and earth with my breath and with the beat of my heart.” (Excerpt from Simone Weil)

“Céu Limpo” is an exhibition based on a documentary and narrative, where natural elements, foliage, trunks, fruits, flowers, pieces of clouds, pieces of sun and water intertwine with loose literature creating affective and sensory environments. This sample provides a questioning around individual drawings as well as creating serial conjugations drawings.

In addition to a delight in the beauty of natural environments, these units reach the scope of creating dreams, in an attempt to reach greater understandings about the matter we are and what surrounds us.

The tree, the fruit, the flower, the sun, the shade, and the water have evocative powers to express a desire for approximation.

For centuries, these elements were inspiring authors who inhabit the artist’s memory and that of a global community. In living in his studio as in the space of his garden, he created the challenge of reinventing in interpretations the language of nature as a vehicle for the present.”

Ângela Dias, June 2021