Martim Brion

Martim Brion (Lisbon, 1986)

Martim Brion (Lisbon, 1986), lives and works in Munich.

BA in International Relations and Political Science, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. After a period in Lisbon working for the daily newspaper O Público and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, goes to Madrid where he does the Masters in International Management at IE Business School. After, works for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Germany. Goes to London, does the Art and Business course at Sotheby’s Art Institute later working at Gagosian Gallery, Christie’s and Sutton PR a visual arts PR firm. Later studies at the Royal College of Art.

Brion, has a diverse background, work, educa- tional and travelling wise, he has lived in: Portugal, Spain, Germany, UK and USA. And travelled extensively to various countries such as: Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Mexico, Bolivia, Panama, Singapore, Australia, Tanzania, Morocco, among others.

First solo exhibition in Politécnica space, run by Artistas Unidos in 2014. Wins the Ibero-American prize by the Itaú Bank and the Brazilian Embassy in London in 2015. Exhibits in 2016 with Ado&Comenius at the project space, Rua Madalena Project in Lisbon. In 2017, makes the site-specific work, Rubicon, for the Museu de História Natural e da Ciência in Lisbon and studies at the Royal College of Arts in London. In 2018 does his first exhibition in Berlin, Kontrapunkt, at the Kunstraum Botschaft. In 2019 curates and participates in the exhibition “Areal3 – Uma exposição de António, Sofia e Martim Areal” in Mercado do Peixe from Carlos Reis Museum in Torres Novas. In the same year has a solo exhibition in Travessa da Ermida in Belém and curates and participates in the group exhibition “Espaço de Diálogo” in Leiria. In 2020, participates and co-organizes the exhibition “Incremental Abstractions” in Kunstverein Tiergarten and has a solo exhibition in MUDAS Museum of Contemporary in Madeira.


Perspectives 5, polyurethane paint on MDF, (20x20x20cm), 2019
Janela, polyurethane paint on MDF and PVC (200x254x16cm), 2019
Wallscape, polyurethane paint on MDF, (260x200x35cm), 2018
Flat Cube 1, polyurethane paint on MDF, (40x160x160cm), 2019
Flat Cube 2, polyurethane ink on MDF, (30x160x160cm), 2019
Compression 1, polyurethane paint and Aluminium, (0,2x150x150cm), 2020
Sea 1, photographic paper, acrylic and aluminium, (120x150cm), 2020
Axioms of colour, (150x120cm), 2017
Inclinações I e II, photographic paper, acrylic and aluminium, (150x120cm), 2018
R-1016 e 1009_photographic paper, acrylic and aluminium, (80x60cm), 2018