Márcio Vilela


Sept 15 –  Oct 13, 2017

Espaço Camões da Livraria Sá da Costa
Praça Luís de Camões, 22, 4th floor, Lisbon

Ocupart  announces  the exhibition  Estudo Cromático  para o Azul (Chromatic  Study for the Color Blue)  at Livraria Sá da Costa – Espaço  Camões. The show is the result of a  five-year research on the different blue  tones of the sky.


This  hybrid  project,  combining scientific  investigation with visual  experimentation, departs from  a study on the varying shades  of the color of the sky when observed  from heights comprised between zero and 38.000  metres above sea level. As atmosphere becomes rarefied  with increasing altitude, the visible spectre of light changes  and blue gets progressively darker.


Using  a meteorological  balloon, the artist  captured photographs and  videos upto 38.000 metres  high. The images from this  aerial trajectory were later analysed  and edited by the artist. The final result,  mixing photography and moving image, canbe seen  until October 13, at Praça Luís de Camões, 22, 4th  floor


.MÁRCIO  VILELA (Recife,  1978) lives and works  in Lisbon. In 2016 he graduated  from the European Master of Fine Art  Photography of IED (Istituto Europeo di  Design) Madrid as a scholarship recipient.  He has made artistic residencies in Azores (Pico  do Refúgio, 2015) and Recife, Brasil (Museu de Arte  Moderna Aloísio Magalhães, 2014). In 2012, the project  Mono was shown at Carpe Diem – Arte e Pesquisa after a  two-year residency at the contemporary art institution in Lisbon.  He was shortlisted for the art prizes Descubrimientos Photoespaña 2009  and Anteciparte 2008.