Miguel Palma


28th April  –  3rd June,  2017

Livraria  Sá da Costa – Editora   | Praça Luís de Camões,  22, 4th Floor, Lisbon

In  this  exhibition,  Miguel Palma  presents ‘KM Zero’  (2017) and ‘Labirintos’  (2017), respectively, a sculpture  and a set of drawings – two works  that reveal the imaginary effects of an  earthquake of great intensity.


‘Labirintos’,  a group of approximately 80 drawings, composed  by the juxtaposition of colourful stains of acrylic  paint and collages of machines, architectures and diverse  vehicles. The pictorial component refers to aerial views of  an imaginary territory. Eventual racing tracks, frequencies and  vibrations of possible seismic, radio and light waves. It is the  track left by the brush, when subjected to a constant, almost mechanical  movement, applied by the artist, through which abstract coloured effects are  created: circles, ellipses, letters of the alphabet or a rainbow.


In the center  of the room, populated with drawings, is a sculpture that temporarily destroys the  stability that could still exist in this building.