Pires Vieira

Une Image Peut en Cacher une Autre

13rd February –  28th  March, 2015

bulthaup Chiado |  Largo da Academia Nacional de Belas Artes, nº 14, Lisbon

Ocupart presents the exhibition Une image peut en cache une autre from the artist Pires Vieira in bulthaup Chiado, a space that mixes artistic projects with the bulthaup concept, the well-known German gastronomy.


“Une image peut en cache rune autre” is a series made up of 33 paintings, created by using oil paint and graphite, or even tar. These paintings are characterized by an easily identifiable painting style, with landscapes created by the use of strong and contrasting colors, teared apart by precise incisions in the pictoric matter. There are geometric shapes or lines that precisely intertwine, revealing the black from the graphite that was hidden behind, or underneath, the color.