Janis Dellarte and Rezm Orah

Portugal in SoHo

6th July, 2015

Manhattan, New York

Invited by Arte Institute, OCUPART went to New York to participate in the event “Portugal in Soho”. The artists Janis Dellarte and Rezm Orah were invited, with the performance ÅTLÅNTICO.


Janis Dellarte and Rezm Orah set sail from Cais das Colunas, Lisbon, towards the

City of Lights. They took their Atlas of organic creations and expansive performances with them and must now understand how to transform and adapt these roots to this hectic city that never sleeps.


Janis creates pieces that tell stores of old and new traditions, with a vocabulary of techniques that grows together with her travels, the people she meets and their conversations. Knitting needles and crochet hooks are indispensable tools in her daily life and by using them she compulsively grows the handmade, the detail, the beauty of imperfection, the happy-accident, the tradition. In 2012 she started collaborating with Rezm Orah in performance, where she doesn’t only explore the textile process through the creation, continuation and adaptation of pieces, but also its multifunctional side.


Rezm creates movement or physical change in spaces to understand what it is that changes how we “feel”. The research started in New York and its results have taken different forms to express different experiences and ideas around the globe. His first collaboration with Janis Dellarte was in 2012.