Marta Sampaio Soares


31st March – 20th April 2017

Livraria Sá da Costa, Rua Garrett, 100-102, 1st floor, Chiado

The drawings and sculptures present here are the result of repetitive performative gestures of the body until it exhausts; it is at this point that the gesture finds an environment of productive abandonment – the repetition itself, which becomes method and style.   Physical resilience is gained throughout this process.   The accidental and the imprecise give sense to the discomfort, composing nuances, accepting deviations, defying the skill. I believe, therefore, that scratching, imbibing, dripping, overlapping, gestures carried out for hours, disguise a permanent search for the afterwards, an anxiety towards the different whole, the imperative to avoid behaviors and regulations. In my case, I believe that the machine does not conduct this process as well as the body that turns into a machine. Marta