André Sier –  Margarida Sardinha

Arcadia | k.~ | Symmetry’s Portal 

International Symposium of Contemporary Art 2017

1st – 18th June, 2017

Torre de Menagem | Capela do Solar dos Póvoas

André Sier

ARCADIA  (2015-16)


Arcadia  is an imaginary  city in the piantadelmondo  series by André Sier, pointing  towards visions and stories of untold  natural wilderness of spatial formation.  In this work, visitors sight-see, navigate  and travel inside the apparently infinite spatium  of Arcadia, often encountering and interacting with autonomous  swarms of unknown elements, which apparently merge and fold space  in Arcadia’s spatium. By moving in front of the projection visitors  control and interact with their  point of  view on Arcadia.


k.~ (2010)

k.~  is a  sonic land-surveyor  of infinite spaces. A  three dimensional voyage  in continuos space through  sound. Infinite (32bit limited)  spaces are enumerated randomly, as  k. goes to new levels, crossing an ever  ending abstract maze. Sound input via computer’s  microphone controls the navigation of k. in the abstract  3d space. Different pitches trigger distinct actions.




Margarida Sardinha



Know  oh brother…  the study of sensible  geometry evokes skill in  all practical arts, while the  study of intelligible geometry evokes  skill in the intellectual arts because  this science is one of the portals through  which we move towards the knowledge of the essence  of the soul, and this is the root of all knowledge…͟  – Rasa’il Brotherhood of Purity, translated by S.H. Nasr Symmetry’s  Portal is an exhibition by the artist Margarida Sardinha, that has over  a lengthy period of time, been extensively focused on the concepts of symmetry  and optical illusion. The exhibition expands geometrically a wide photographic survey  of the Alhambra in Granada documented by the artist. This photographic assemblage is digitally  transformed to deconstruct symmetry and to generate illusory semblances. Thus, Symmetry’s Portal is  a series of optical illusions where the symmetric and random are diluted in works containing a digital  background photograph and a three-dimensional polyhedron overlaying it; where symmetry’s isometrism is deconstructed  or complemented by the three-dimensional polyhedra and its  image’s  similitude  evokes various  illusory spatiotemporal  dimensions. This multidimensional  interlace lies both in three-dimensional  photographic works of large format as well  as in the experimental film that constitute the  showcase. The thirty works and the film ͞Symmetry’s  Portal͟ which comprise the exhibition were devised connecting  the geometric and mathematical descriptions of Keith Critchlow –  where the study of Islamic patterns is analysed via metaphysical and  cosmological principles -, Marcus du Sautoy and Roger Penrose. Symmetry’s  Portal has been exhibited as a solo show at the Aga Khan Foundation Ismaili  Crentre of Lisbon in 2015, at Carousell London in 2016, at Ericeira Cultural Centre  in 2014 and at Capela do Solar dos Póvoas in Simpósio Internacional de Arte Contemporânea  of Guarda in 2017. A selection of works and the film were also curated by Neil McConnon for  the Reflectios exhibition at London’s Opera Gallery in 2015.