Ana Catarina Fragoso

Toda a matéria…

Opening Tuesday September 17th 2019
Exhibition September 18th to October 8th 2019 | Mon. to Sat. 2:30pm – 7pm

Livraria Sá da Costa – Galeria

Rua Serpa Pinto, nº19, Lisboa

Toda a matéria orgânica flutuava. E ao tocar dispersava-se. Diluía-se na água” (detail)
Acrylic over Fabiano watercolor paper, 300 g/m2, 200 x 7500 cm.

“Toda a Matéria…” is a painting installation from Ana Catarina Fragoso. Curated by Luísa Santos and Ana Fabíola Maurício, the installation is drawn from three unprecedented artworks created from metal and paper, produced after landscapes of diverse geographies to explore the idea of approximation and remoteness when looking into a landscape.

The exhibition is integrated on the program of Bairro das Artes – A Rentrée Cultural da Sétima Colina, on September 19th, available to be visited until 10pm, counting with the presence of the artist.

Organized by the Livraria Sá da Costa – Galeria along side Ocupart, the exhibition can be visited until October 8th, from Monday to Saturday, between 2:30pm and 7pm.

Artist’s Bio

Painter. Ana Catarina Fragoso was born in Lisbon in 1984, where she lives and works nowadays. Got a degree in Plastic Arts – Painting (2008) and Architectural Studies (2012). As a painter, her main focus is the relationship between painting and the space – such as the spaces where the artwork is exhibited or could represent and present. From her painting artwork, the highlights are “A montanha que também era de ferro” (Nanogaleria, Lisboa, 2019), “Olhar Divergente” (Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, Ilha de São Miguel, Açores, 2019), “SuperAmoled” (Colégio das Artes, Coimbra, 2018), “Rrevolução” (Colégio das Artes, Coimbra, 2017), “Casa-Pátio” (Espaço das Mercês, Lisboa, 2016), “Apreço” (Zaratan, Lisboa, 2015), “Fazer Falso” (Espaço AZ, Lisboa, 2015); And the artistic residencies in “Pico do Refúgio” (Ribeira Grande, Ilha de São Miguel, Açores, 2019) and “Budapeste Galéria” (Budapeste, Hungria, 2019; with the support from Lisbon’s Council and Budapeste Galery – Budapest History Museum).