António Salvador Carvalho
António José Carvalho (#guttguff)
Pedro Zamith

WTF ! ? !

Curated by Antonio Cerveira Pinto

23rd June – 21st July, 2017

Espaço  Camões da  Livraria Sá  da Costa | Praça  Luís de Camões, 22,  4th Floor, Lisbon

WTF  ?!?  is an exhibition  featuring original drawings  by António Salvador Carvalho,  Guttguff and Pedro Zamith, curated  by António Cerveira Pinto.


WTF?!?  Is a state of soul that hangs over an  ever-increasing share of the world and that  a very reasonable number of artists translate  into the written and visual form of their writings,  videos, music, installations, and … “cartoons” – a name  used by the well-formed artists António Salvador Carvalho, Guttguff  (pseudonym for the series of drawings presented in this exhibition and  for a popular Instagram account) and Pedro Zamith.


The WTF?!? exhibition  is just the uncovering of a treasure chest of visual and narrative delicacies,  where the most gothic (gothic indeed) memories of European representation merge with  the floating world images that from the 17th century to the present day made the magnificent  Japanese iconic tradition, or with the best of what Pop and the Comic Strip brought to the 20th  century.